Dynamics CRM & Mailchimp E-Marketing Integration Tool We make it easy to send email newsletters to your customers, manage your subscriber lists, and track campaign performance with advanced reporting options and integrated with Google Analytics. We could make Dynamics CRM and MailChimp work together perfect.
Dynamics CRM & Mailchimp Subscribers Synchronizer If you just sync your Mailchimp subscribers via Dynamics CRM, that is the right solution. You can easily sync your Mailchimp subscribers and Dynamics CRM leads, contacts and accounts.
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Get Microsoft Dynamics CRM to manage your Customer Relationship processes effectively
Email Marketing Create and manage your Email Marketing Campaigns
Hosted Microsoft Dynamics CRM Now with Shared , Dedicated and Hybrid Options.. Click here for more detail.

About BizMiners..

BizMiners is an established business solutions team specialising in the development, launch and management of business solutions , web portals , intra/exranet and online businesses. We are agile and creative with an innovative heritage, a solid technical foundation and the experience to back it up. BizMiners provides a full service – from consultation and strategic planning to development and search marketing – management and support for your projects. We make technology work for advanced business solutions. Our purpose is to deliver strategic and value-added software services, with a high level of customer service and accountability.


We provide flexible and sophisticated solutions that allow organic growth with your changing business needs.Quick, accurate, focused on your critical issues, and incredibly cost-effective.No matter if it is out-of-the box or highly customized.
We provide expert advice to businesses in the process of implementing Microsoft CRM. Our consulting services cover the full implementation cycle of a CRM project starting from preparing your business case with you for Microsoft Dynamics CRM all the way through the actual implementation and post delivery activities such as training and support.

XRM – Anything(x) Relationship Management

xRM is Anything(x) Relationship Management. It is the concept of leveraging a flexible and  powerful platform, and the applications sitting on that platform, to meet any and all business  requirements. Furthermore, to do so while taking advantage of Software-Plus-Service.XRM represents the versatility of the CRM development platform. We can make CRM work for your business, no matter what your requirements are. With XRM you can tackle any business issue. If you would like to hear how XRM could work in your specific situation take a look some of our solutions or contact us.